BDSI Interactive Forum Series


From the earliest days of statistics, data science and life science have been deeply intertwined. Biological data science carries this forward to a modern era in which the methods for collecting life science data are increasingly automated digital sensors. This deluge of data is transforming life science research across diverse scales and domains. Biological data science, broadly defined, is key to this transformation, from molecules to ecosystems, and across agriculture, medicine, biodiversity and bioengineering. 

This interactive biological data science forum series aims to transect domains, connecting diverse researchers with a common interest in biological data science. The purpose is to invigorate interactions among us through an inclusive (fortnightly) forum that promotes the exchange of knowledge. We strive to define biological data science in the broadest sense, encompassing theory, methodology and applications as well as biological data acquisition, visualisation and analysis.

Forums held fortnightly from 12-1pm on Thursdays at Robertson #46 (DNA Room S104), light refreshments will follow.

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All welcome to attend.

Past events

9 Feb 2024 | 12 - 1pm

Re-thinking the environment in landscape genomics

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7 Dec 2023 | 11am - 12pm

We have developed the first method for simultaneous tumour and organ-at-risk tracking during image-guided radiotherapy.

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23 Nov 2023 | 12 - 1pm

Understanding the genetic mechanisms that drive pesticide resistance is crucial for effective monitoring of resistance but remains challenging.

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9 Nov 2023 | 12 - 1pm

Fundamental to this challenge is the elucidation of genetic architecture, comprised of the number, location and relative effect of genes on a phenotypic trait.

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