Dr Jonathan Roco

Jon Roco
Clinical Trial Biostatistician

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Dr Jon Roco is a biomedical research scientist with a diverse academic background that includes experimental immunology, bioinformatics, and statistics. He holds a PhD in Medical Sciences from The Australian National University, where his research focused on B cell biology and antibody responses. As a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Roco expanded his research interests to precision medicine and how bioinformatics and single-cell technologies can be applied to analyse and understand the molecular basis of autoimmunity and immune deficiencies in humans.

Now, as a clinical trial biostatistician, his primary focus lies on the application of statistical methods to generate reliable evidence from clinical trials, ensuring these are conducted rigorously, ethically, and with statistical and experimental validity.



RN Robertson Building, The Australian National University, 46 Sullivans Creek Rd, Acton ACT 2601