Dr Ali Zia

I received a B.Sc.(Hons.) degree in computer science from the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, in 2006. I got a Master of Computing degree from Australian National University, Canberra, Australia in 2009, and a PhD degree from Griffith University, Queensland, Australia in 2020.  I am currently working at the Australian National University (ANU) and CSIRO as a postdoctoral research fellow. Before that, I was working as a researcher at ARC Research Hub for Driving Farming Productivity and Disease Prevention, Griffith University, Australia. Prior to that, I worked as a developer/programmer at Griffith University, Australia, and before that, I worked as Assistant Professor at COMSATS University, Lahore, Pakistan. I also worked as a researcher at Neville Roach Laboratory, NICTA, Sydney, Australia. Preceding that, I also worked at various software houses in Lahore, Pakistan. 

Research interests

My research interests include pattern recognition, machine learning, computer vision, 3D structure analysis and spectral imaging with their applications to electricity load forecasting, remote sensing, agriculture, medicine, and environmental informatics.


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