Data Analysis Workshop (Honours Students)


This workshop covers the concepts and tools needed to interpret data from your experiments in a reproducible manner. Reproducible data analyses incorporate a workflow that includes software code so that your analyses can be reliably repeated by anyone familiar with your research, including future members of your lab or a journal referee. In this workshop, we will use the statistical software package R for data visualisation, data exploration and statistical modelling. I will emphasise the concepts behind robust data analyses, but I will also provide a workflow template in R. Students will have the opportunity during the workshop to work through their own data analyses using R.



Every student will write an R script for a complete workflow for at least one experiment from their research year that includes: importing their data, visualising the relevant patterns in their data, setting up a statistical model of the experiment, interpreting the output of the model, and summarising their findings in a graph.



Students should have R version 3.6.2 and RStudio version 1.2.5xxx loaded on their computers. Basic familiarity in R is also required. Students should have data from a lab experiment or survey ready for analysis.



Please contact Dr Terry Neeman if you any questions about how to format a data set, or about using R? 



Mid-year Honours students