Assoc. Professor Bruce Shadbolt

Research Director, Centre for Health and Medical Research, ACT Health Directorate
Associate Professor, BDSI & ANU Medical School 

Associate Professor Shadbolt is an epidemiologist/biostatistician specialising in scientific methodology and the translation of clinical research into practice. Bruce's mission is to use Data Science approaches to create a paradigm shift in health care research. Many of his models aim to optimise the patient journey to deliver efficient and effective integrated care solutions where the consumer is part of co-designed research. Recently, Bruce led the formation of the Health Analytics Research Collaborative (HARC) an inter-organisational collaboration focusing on health data science, and research methods and analytics in both qualitative and quantitative areas, driving high quality and efficient research and innovation, strengthening strategic partnerships and accelerating translation of knowledge to practice and policy. The HARC Network includes over 50 researchers and organisations. HARC’s programs include: algorithms of well-being – comprising mixed and multidisciplinary approaches; efficient statistical models applied to discovery and quality improvement; innovative visualisation of discussion analyses; and qualitative methods. These programs explore the benefits of research-machine learning, using response adaptive models; pragmatic clinical trials; n of 1 studies; dynamic care models; and precision targeting using bioinformatics.