The ANU Bioinformatics Consultancy (ABC) is a core service facility, which together with the Biomolecular Resource Facility (BRF) form the Canberra node of Bioplatforms Australia genomics infrastructure capability (NCRIS funded). Since October 2018 the ABC has been integrated with the Biological Data Science Institute at ANU, leveraging expertise in statistics and machine learning for biological data.

Our goal is to enable biologists in understanding and working with data that might otherwise seem overwhelming or incomprehensible. We develop and run the latest processing and analysis pipelines, and operate dedicated bioinformatics computational hardware, which is available for the local bioinformatics community. The ABC offers consultation, custom programming and analysis, as well as training in aspects of current bioinformatics techniques and skills.

Application development »

Our software engineers in the ABC have a proven track record in providing long-term solutions to complex data-analysis, handling and management software.

Bioinformatic consulting »

Thinking about getting started with a new experiment, but are unsure of statistical factors, experiment technologies, data management or analysis?

Bioinformatics Development Cluster »

The ABC Bioinformatics Development Cluster is a cluster computer resource used for biological data analysis (e.g. high-throughput sequencing data, comparative and computational genomics).

Custom scripting & analysis »

Sometimes you just need to take a different look at the data you already have, or you are starting pilot project and don’t want to invest in something that might not be used again. or analysis?

High-throughput genomics pipelines »

Need help with processing your raw sequencing data for analysis and mapping sequencing reads? Want to ensure the quality of your sequencing dataset?